Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day

I have always hated this holiday. Even now that I'm married and have a permanent valentine, I hate this holiday. I think I'm feeling a little extra hatred right now seeing as how I can't be with him today, but in general, this is the epitome of a Hallmark Holiday whether the whole story about St. Valentine is real or not.

Moving on. Six of the girls and I went to go see Valentine's Day the movie last night. Hilarious. Not the greatest movie but absolutely hilarious.

I guess I don't have mucht to report. Things have settled into a bit of routine. Classes are okay, though I struggle constantly to stay awake during Art History, no surprise. My internship is great. You've got to love a job that allows you to sit and read all day. Sarah and I workout as much as possible. They've got TVs attached to the treadmills which helps a lot. Homework takes up a lot of time because we end reading 100+ pages a week, I'm just kind of hoping it helps this whole doubting myself thing I've got going on.

The other day, I went out and bought a 6 pack of New Castle, blatantly disobeying the no alcohol rule. And you know what? When I run out, I might go back and buy some more because it's nice to sit back at night and have a beer every now and then.

I've been able to skype with people while I'm here and that's been a big help with any homesickness I might be feeling. Tanja and I probably talk the most and she's usually at Das Hus so I get to see those guys and hang out and talk with them and that's really nice. I miss Das Community so much! Sarah's been on at random times too so getting to talk to her has been great especially since we hadn't talked since like Christmas until I got here. She's having a blast in Australia still and I still miss her like crazy.

I miss Joshua the most. 1300 miles away, happy valentine's day to me. I can't wait to see him. I actually considered coming home next weekend after having a fairly bad day. But I'm hanging in there and so is he and he'll be here exactly 4 weeks from today. Can't wait.

Now, for your viewing pleasure, Times Square.

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