Sunday, February 28, 2010

Gracie and the No Good, Horrible, Very Bad Week

Oh my goodness. There is a very good chance that I had the worst week ever. Monday and Tuesday were okay, but after that, everything fell apart.

On Wednesday, I was running late for class so I had to run from the subway to the studio, which is a block and a half away but the first block is rather long. By the time I got to class and into my desk and received a glare from Dr. Romaine, I thought I was going to have an asthma attack. I don't really have asthma, but running in this cold weather causes the asthma I used to have to flare up again. My mom gave me an inhaler though so hopefully that'll help if I ever end up running in the cold again. So there was the asthma attack, and then Tanja and I were going to Skype at Barley John's. I was super excited because the week before it had been a ton of fun. Unfortunately, this week, Patrick and Jenny were the only other two to show up so it wasn't quite as much fun and Matt was busy so I didn't really get a chance to talk with him either.

On Thursday, I stepped outside to find that it was snowing. Heavily. And it was really wet. I went to my internship expecting to work on the online queries like Evan wanted me to, but their office laptop wasn't working and I forgot the power cord to mine. So I read more mail queries and more bad writing. I did give one partial manuscript to Evan but I don't know what will happen with it. And then we had class with Daniel and Daniel's kind of harsh and I don't have a lot of faith in my ideas so it was a tough class and instead of being encouraging when I talked to him after class, he said that writing might not be for me and I might have to find a new career if that's what I decide after the semester is over. Awesome pep talk dude.

On Friday, it was still snowing. It hadn't stopped snowing all night and it had snowed all day Thursday. NYCAMS usually follows the New York Public School system when it comes to canceling class but apparently, they didn't want to do that on Friday. So instead of getting to sleep in, I had to get up and make my way to the Pace gallery on 57th St. I got on the subway and made it to 5th avenue where I proceeded to walk 5 blocks in the wrong direction. Did I know I was going in the wrong direction? No, not until after I passed Central Park and found an actualy street so. So then I had to walk 8 blocks back to 57th. My boots started to leak, my pants got soaked and between 56th and 57th street, I fell into a puddle. Frickin awesome. I got up and got back on the subway because there was no I was walking into an Upper East Side gallery in soaking wet jeans. I was up till 3:30 that night so by the time I went to bed, I had two hours before I had to get up to catch my 7am train.

Saturday. Woke up at 6:40 and definitely MISSED the 7am train. I had to call Amtrak and switch the reservation to the 8am train which cost me 50 bucks and I barely made it on board in time. I rode the train into Providence where my mom and Eric picked me up and we went to go visit Phil at Springfield college in Springfield, MA. It was really good to see Phil (Eric's son, Eric is my mom's fiance) and he gave me a tour of the college and we went to lunch at Red Robin. I even got a new sweatshirt out of the deal. That was all fine and dandy. But on the ride home from Springfield, somewhere between there and South Yarmouth, I lost my glasses. I loved those glasses and I'd had them since my freshman year of college. I was also doing laundry at Eric's and at one point, when I went to go switch loads, I fell down the stairs. I didn't just tripped, I slipped on the top step and slid all the way down. Torqued my back, scraped my back, and bruised my ass. When my mom came to come check on me, she followed my lead and slipped and fell down the stairs too. That will NEVER happen again. That was a Funniest Home Videos moment if I ever seen one. But now it hurts to sit down.

Today was better. My mom went and got my eyes checked and she's shipping me the new glasses tomorrow. My train was about an hour late but that's okay. It was nice to spend the weekend away from New York and it was fun to ride a train. I've never done that before. I got my homework done on the train so I have the night to just relax, and I'm really going to try to make this next week go a little better.

Joshua will be here in two weeks and I'm SO excited to see him. We're going to try to find a place to go for St. Patrick's day and I can't wait to navigate the city with him. I don't know my way around that well, but it'll be fun getting lost together. It'll have been a month and a half since I last saw him. That's a really long time to go without seeing my husband. If you ever get married, I don't recommend it. I get to hug someone again!

Keep praying for me. Pray that I don't get swallowed by my self-doubt on this writing project and pray that my weeks go by quickly. I can't wait to go home for Easter and see everybody. Love you guys and miss you like crazy!

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  1. Love you Gracie!! You are doing a great job navigating the city! That would be nearly impossible for many people... praying for you...Wish I could givey you a gigantic hug!