Friday, January 29, 2010

First Days

First day in New York: Times Square. Ate at Virgil's, a barbecue place. Our waiter was from North Carolina so he fit right in. He was also a chatterbox and we had very nice conversation about the Vikings and the Panthers. We went to Toys R Us; they have a ferris wheel indoors and are connected to the Babies R Us. We went to a Walgreens that had three stories and overcharged for everything, just like a Minnesota Walgreens. And we passed about a bazillion Starbucks before Eric led us home. Actually, he led us in the wrong direction so about the time we were headed in the right direction, we had to walk 4 extra blocks. It was dark and cold and I was exhausted. We had dinner at the ESPN Zone place, which might've been more fun on a Sunday with a football game, but it would also have been impossible to get into. Then we came back to the hotel where I fell asleep again, and awoke an hour later to my mom trying to steal my pillow. She was still asleep.

Day Two: Move in. Slept until noon, then packed up the car and went to the Hotel St. George. I was assigned to room 259 and ran into my roommate on the way to the elevator. She was going to buy groceries. When we got up to the room, it was empty. None of Kelsey's things were there. I put all the things on my bed, then went to Target to get some things. When we got back, the room was still empty. When I went down to the lobby for orientation, Kelsey told me that she was in room 300 something. My supposed roommate and I were assigned to different rooms. Hopefully, we'll find out tomorrow whether or not that's going to change. My room is really nice though, and not at all gross like someone told me they would be. However, one swift kick would most likely break the flimsy door. We took the Subway to the studio and ate with our professors. My publishing professor wears pink converse sneakers, which is pretty awesome. Brent's hilarious and Annie is four months pregnant. We're an eclectic group of students, but everybody seems nice and a lot of the girls seem like a lot of fun. I'm excited to see how things turn out.

Night night for now!

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